The late John S. Latsis was a noted Greek entrepreneur and philanthropist who was known and is remembered for his humanitarian works just as much as for his many business achievements. Born near the beginning of the last century into a large family with very little money, John S. Latsis learnt even as a child the value and necessity of hard work and community spirit. After graduating from the Pyrgos School of Commerce, John entered the trade industry, quickly gravitating to shipping. Over the years, John would explore many aspects of business and commerce including financial services and petroleum exports, using his quick business acumen and natural ability to spot opportunity to expand his interests and increase his profits rapidly.

Never a man to forget his roots and guided by a strong social conscience, John S. Latsis spent much of the latter half of his long life providing financial and practical support to hundreds of individuals and organisations. John was never better than at times of national crisis, such as during and following the Kalamata earthquakes which devastated an entire region of his home country in 1986. John donated medical aid and a factory building pre-fabricated housing to the cause and also volunteered his entire cruise ship to lodge one thousand citizens for two years as they waited for their homes to be rebuilt. John was also instrumental in assisting during the earthquakes in Greece of 1988, 1993, 1995 and 1999 in Ileia, Grevena and Athens.

Many of the aid projects established by John S. Latsis during his lifetime were founded on an ongoing basis, providing coordinated funding and oversight in the form of various Foundations, more information about which can be found on the Services page of this website. John also made many generous donations to the Greek state throughout his life, some of which stand testament to his legacy including the Latsio Burn Centre and the Latsio Elementary School buildings complex at Athens College. Throughout the eighties, John S. Latsis made notable contributions to the fire and police departments and the Ministry of Public Order including functional operational equipment. As a shipping magnate, John had a particular empathy with sailors and made many contributions to charitable organisation that supported Greek sailors and their families.