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Keeping Children Safe Whilst Playing Water Sports

From thrilling water sports to fascinating marine biology, the seas around us are an invaluable resource for fun, education, and relaxation. But the water can also be extremely dangerous. In Europe, various water sporting activities can be the cause for up to 47,000 injuries every year according to research by Child Safety Europe.

The Aegean Sea is a desirable and popular holiday destination: with its stunning collection of nearly 6000 islands, it is an ideal location to indulge in water sporting activities. Entrepreneur Spiro Latsis – a board member of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation – is entirely dedicated to improving water safety so that children can continue to enjoy the aquatic fun attainable in Greece. In order to help improve safety for visitors and locals, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation ran a presentation on Safe Water Sports’ educational initiatives on board the Neraida Floating Museum.

Safe Water Sports is a Greek non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness about water safety. Through a range of educational activities, Safe Water Sports is hoping to protect thousands of beach visitors from needless accidents.

Spiro Latsis

Following the successful and informative event at the Neraida Floating Museum, here are four of the main educational activities that were presented to keep children safe at sea:

I Pay Attention-I Learn-I Care

“I Pay Attention-I Learn-I Care” is an educational program brought to schools in collaboration with Greece’s Coast Guard Directorate of the Port Police. The program introduces children to essential information about water safety. The material has been adaptably designed in order to be accessible by children of any age ranging from the first year of Primary School, to the third year of Junior High School. The program is run every school year between March and June and next year, will be presented to 350 schools, reaching 30-50,000 pupils.

Diligence from parents can often be just as important as educating children about water safety. Therefore, when the “I Pay Attention-I Learn-I Care” program visits schools, there will also be a presentation day available for parents to learn more about the project and the organisation’s initiatives.

By teaching children water safety at an early age, Spiro Latsis hopes that accidents can be prevented in the long term.

Octopus Seif and the Three Sea-Guards

Coinciding with extensive in-class educational packages, Safe Water Sports has also launched a brand new book by writer Vangelis Iliopoulos. Vangelis Iliopoulos is a popular and much loved Grecian children’s author who, since 1995, has released dozens of children’s books and now acts as the Board Chair of the eminent Circle of the Greek Children’s Book. In connection with the Safe Water Sports program, Iliopoulos has written “Octopus Seif and the Three Sea-Guards” as an engaging tool to teach children important water safety lessons in an entertaining, yet valuable way.

Water Sport Safety Videos

Whilst a fairy-tale book might engage the imaginations of younger children, Safe Water Sports has also presented a range of exciting and informative films to reach older age groups.

By enlisting the help of famous sportsmen, such as Olympic Windsurfing Gold Medallist Nikolas Kaklamanakis, the organisation has created a collection of high octane sports videos. The videos provide invaluable safety information, as well as generating excitement, which will inspire people to take part in water sports whilst ensuring they take the recommended safety precautions.

Safe Water Sports Website and Mobile App

Safe Water Sports has designed an informative website and mobile app in order to keep people constantly aware and up to date with the latest safety information. The website and app are both easy to use services that provide extensive legal advice and safety tips regarding the vast array of different water sports available in Greece.

The service works as a search engine for water sports activities. All users need to do is type in what water activity you’re interested in and the app will show you all of the fully legal and trusted water sport providers in that area. Alongside the useful water sports company database, the website and app also offer safety tips and advice. The mobile app allows users to access the information they may require from any location.

Another benefit of the Safe Water Sports mobile app is that it can provide safety information for beaches without lifeguards. As not every one of Greece’s 2,900 beaches can have an active lifeguard, the Safe Water Sports mobile app provides invaluable information that visitors would otherwise not have access to. Details and facts such as water depths and the type of beach is available via the Safe Water Sports app.

With so many active and engaging initiatives underway, Spiro Latsis and the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation are confident that Safe Water Sports will save thousands of people from inessential accidents whilst enjoying the beautiful Greek beaches and exhilarating aquatic activity.